Morton's Restaurant Group, Inc. owns and operates Morton's of Chicago, a high-end steakhouse restaurant chain aimed at a business clientele, and Bertolini's Authentic Trattorias, a smaller chain offering Italian specialties in a casual dining atmosphere. At the end of 1998 Morton's Restaurant Group owned and operated 43 Morton's of Chicago and 12 Bertolini's units. All Morton's of Chicago restaurants were similar in style, concept, and decor, and were located in retail, hotel, commercial, and office building complexes in major metropolitan areas and urban centers. Catering primarily to business-oriented clients, Morton's of Chicago had an average per person check of about $65 in 1998. The Bertolini's restaurants offered white tablecloth service, with an average per person check of about $20. Morton's Restaurant Group also held a minority of stock in two other restaurant chains, Mick's and Peasant.




Herb Crusted Porterhouse

Morton's Steakhouse Recipe

Serves 4

1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
1/4 cup chopped fresh sage
2 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary
2 tablespoons minced fresh thyme
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
4 (12-oz.) porterhouse steaks, 2 1/2 to 3 inches thick
vegetable oil cooking spray
seasoned salt
2 tablespoons Au Jus

In a small bowl, mix together the basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper.
Add the garlic and oil and stir to form a paste. You will have about 1 cup of paste.
Rub the paste on both sides of the steak. Let the steak sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare a charcoal or gas grill or preheat the broiler and position a rack 4 inches from the heating element.  Before igniting the grill, lightly spray the grill rack with cooking spray.
The coals should be medium-hot for the charcoal grill. The burners should be on high for the gas grill.  If using a charcoal or gas grill, preheat the oven to 500 degrees. If your oven will heat to 550 degrees, do so.

Grill or broil the steak for about 5 minutes. Turn, using tongs, and grill the other side for about 5 minutes, just long enough to sear both sides so that the herb rub adheres to the meat and starts to turn crispy. Remove from the grill or broiler and transfer to a roasting pan. If you used a broiler, heat the oven to 500 degrees. If your oven will heat to 550 degrees, do so. Roast the steak in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes for medium-rare or the desired degree of doneness.

Put the steak on a cutting board and let it rest for 10 to 12 minutes. Slice the steak 1/4 inch thick, arrange on a serving platter, and spoon Au Jus over the slices, if desired.

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